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Testosterone Therapy in Miami

Testosterone Therapy in MiamiLow testosterone and Hypogonadism are fairly common conditions in men reaching their forties. As the age, their energy, sex drive, and physique all begin to decline, and this is largely due to a declining level of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone plays a major role in the male body, fueling the male libido, playing a major role in the building of muscle mass, fertility, bone density, weight distribution, and even blood cell production. In addition this hormone plays a major role in regulating men’s emotions.

Some common symptoms of low testosterone include trouble sleeping, a reduced libido, reduced energy, depression, tender breasts, reduced muscle mass, and even hair loss. While it’s natural for many men to experience a regular decline in testosterone as they age, for many the symptoms can become hard to live with. Whether this is because of the impact symptoms of low testosterone can have on their romantic relationships, or simply because of the noticeable decline in their energy, many men seek treatment form their symptoms.

The most common treatment for low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy.

When preparing our patients for testosterone therapy, we first perform a series of test to find out their hormone levels. This allows us to provide a more comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each patient. These tests include a blood panel testing that covers things like: FSH, LH, Estradiol, PSA, Testosterone Total and Testosterone Free.

Once we have the results of these test, we can begin determining your endocrine function as well as your testicular functions allowing us to determine if your symptoms are the result of low testosterone, and if so, what is causing the decrease.

Testosterone Treatment Options in Miami at SpectrumHRT

There are four basic treatment options for low testosterone:

  • Injections:

Injections require regular intramuscular administrations to ensure proper treatment.

  • Transdermal Administration:

Transdermal administrations include topical treatments such as creams or patches.

  • Pellets:

Pellets require an injection, in which a time released testosterone pellet is placed underneath the skin to slowly release the hormones.

  • Tablets:

Tablets, or capsules, are administered orally, and are the most non-invasive method of administering testosterone.

What Benefits are there to Testosterone Therapy?

While low testosterone can be a natural part of many men’s aging process, the symptoms can get in the way of many men’s lives, luckily testosterone therapy can help many of these men get their youthful spirit back. Testosterone therapy directly combats the unfortunate symptoms of low testosterone by regulating the hormone in your body. Testosterone therapy has many benefits, we’ve taken the liberty of providing a few below:

  • Increased Energy
  • Renewed Sex Drive
  • Increase in Muscle Mass
  • Noticeable improvement in memory
  • Eased Concentration

Is Testosterone Therapy Right for Me?

Conditions like low testosterone can be sensitive subjects, especially when things like your libido are called into questions. We try to make treatment and analysis of these conditions as simple as we possibly can. If you find yourself suffering from any of the following conditions, you may want to make an appointment to speak with one our on-staff specialist about the low testosterone.

  • Diminished Sex Drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Trouble Achieving Orgasm
  • Numbness of the Genitals
  • Irregular Fatigue or Tiredness
  • Mood Swings or Depression
  • An Increase in Body
  • Noticeable Testicular Shrinkage

Why Testosterone Therapy in Miami at SpectrumHRT?

Our treatment facility in Miami, Florida, is capable of assisting you through your testosterone therapy by guiding you to an informed decision. We have specialists on staff that are devoted to ensuring that you not only receive the treatment you need, but that you are educated on the treatment methods we are using to treat your condition. We are devoted to ensuring that you receive the personalized testosterone therapy treatment you need, that is the SpectrumHRT guarantee.