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Food Allergy Testing in Miami, ALCAT Test

The Secret of ALCAT Food Allergy Testing

Over seven million people have food allergies in the Unites States alone, many not even realizing it until a problematic situation arises. The ALCAT food allergy test, also known as the Antigen Leukocyte Antibody Test, helps you and your doctor determine what foods are optimal specifically for you and what foods you should avoid due to allergy stimulation or other adverse affects. This is not your standard, run of the mill allergy test; the ALCAT has been proven to identify both allergenic and non-allergenic foods that trigger inflammatory responses in your body. Although only 4% of the American population has a recognizable food allergy, over 70% has food intolerance brought on by non-allergenic foods.  When you have intolerance to a certain food, the response may not be immediate but could rear its ugly heads days, weeks or months later without you ever realizing what provoked that inflammation. Inflammation is not a favorable phenomenon, and more research is citing that the less inflammation you come across, the better your body will function.  You may not know why delayed responses are an issue, but that is what this article is here to tell you. When postponed sensitivity occurs, the innate part of the body’s immune system is triggered. Symptoms that are prompted by innate immune system activation include weight gain, problems with and imperfections in the skin, pain, and more. Although the ALCAT does not have the ability to test for the cellular reactions to every single food, the test does register the immune system’s reaction to over 350 foods, chemicals and herbs.

Foods are categorized into four simplistic color lists: green, yellow, orange, and red. Foods that fall under the green list, like most vegetables and fruits, are considered go-to, safe foods. Foods that come under the yellow list are great, but only when ingested in moderation. Orange and red foods are where caution needs to be taken and are foods where many allergic reactions stem from. The ALCAT Test measures inflammatory responses in your body when digesting food, and in this way is able to determine what category a food belongs in correctly for you.

American Medical Testing Laboratories is the company behind the inauguration of the ALCAT Test.  The ALCAT provides an easier and safer way of finding out what foods are ideal exactly for you and which are not. When you Purchase the ALCAT Test, included is the test kit, a blood draw, which you can administer yourself if you so choose, the shipping and processing of the test, your results, and a one-on-one consultation with a certified ALCAT nutritionist. There is no need to go to a lab – it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

When you desire to learn more about what foods will help you function optimally, or simply what foods to stay away from, the ALCAT Test will provide you with this information expeditiously and conveniently. With the ability to test against over 350 foods, herbs, and chemicals, the ALCAT is a powerful tool used to help in dealing with obesity, diabetes, and digestive disorders. The ALCAT Test also identifies reactions linked to disorders of the heart, skin, and joints as well. Supportive personnel are available at any time through both phone and video chat to personally help you if any questions you may have come up. With various test panels to choose from, ALCAT is sure to have a personalized test that will shed some light on the foods you aren’t sure of and give you the knowledge to stay healthy and operate optimally.

Steps to ALCAT Food Allergy Testing at SpectrumHRT, Miami

1. Initial Consultation – Our first step is to listen to your concerns, questions, and symptoms because your health improvement goals are our priority.

2. Food Allergy Lab Work – Here is where we begin our in-depth work to determine what foods are causing your negative symptoms.

3. Medical Evaluation – At this time to you will sit down with the nutritionist to perform a full consultation of your food allergies and establish a nutritional program to remove them from your diet.

4. Begin Nutrition Plan – Upon receiving approval from our nutritionist you will receive your guide on how to avoid the foods that are causing you harm. And begin the road to improving your health.