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Spectrum HRT Plastic Surgery

Face lift in Miami :

Face lifts, or rhytidectomies are cosmetic procedures that allow a person to (quite literally) uplift their appearance to feel and look more youthful. If you are giving a thought to indulging yourself in a face lift, you may want  to know about the eligibility criteria and procedure involved in this surgical process at Spectrum HRT, Miami.

Face lift Surgery at Spectrum HRT, Miami Eligibility

Anyone can get a face lift, as long as they need one. What does that even mean? How will you know if you need one? Well, the main reason for getting a face lift is to get rid of your aging skin and replace it with younger looking skin. So patients with apparent signs of aging on their face, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, are definitely eligible for this procedure.

While examining the patient for a face lift, our doctor will look at the facial bone structure, skin type, skin density, skin texture etc. Once these elements are scrutinized for any sensitivities or faults, the doctor will recommend a plan of action. The advantage of getting a face lift is that there are many different types of procedures that work towards tightening and smoothening the skin. So there is always a procedure for a certain type of face. Of course, the patients’ eligibility will depend on finding a perfect treatment plan that corresponds well with their facial structure.

Those of you thinking of getting a facelift may also want to consider the best-fit method to lift that skin. It may come as a surprise to many of you, but there are very many ways to perform a face lift. Each facial structure and skin type is different, hence making each face lift patient unique. To solve this problem of various face types, doctors have devised a variety of face lift procedures that each varies in invasiveness, area treated and incision made. So, by this logic, every patient can get a tailor made treatment plan so as to have maximum impact on his or her skin. Of course, it is important to gain as much knowledge of these processes as possible, so that you can have a proper discussion with your surgeon about your future look.

·      Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System (SMAS) Lift

SMAS is the layer under the skin that contains ligaments that surround the cheek fat. In an SMAS lift, the incision is made from the front of the ear to the hairline on the forehead. This incision is also stretched around the ear to go up until the back hairline. Once the skin is peeled off, the excess tissues are extracted and the muscle layer, or SMAS, is lifted and repositioned at a higher point, such as near the ear. This allows for the face to look younger for a longer period of time.

·      Deep Plane Face lift

There has been some debate surrounding the impact of this face lift. While some say that the higher degree of invasiveness of this surgery allows for better results, others say that there is little to no difference from SMAS lift, even though it has more complications.

In this lift, once the skin is peeled off of the face, a deeper plane of the face is dissected before lifting and repositioning the muscles. It helps free cheek fat and muscles from the bone, hence allowing for a more rejuvenated and natural looking face. That being said, there is a higher risk of nerve damage in this procedure due to its higher degree of invasiveness.

·      Temporal Face lift

In a temporal lift, only the eyebrows are lifted. This method is done in lieu of a full eyebrow lift and helps get rid of drooping eyebrows that ruin the look and feel of a person’s eyelids. To implement this surgical procedure, an incision will be made right above the eyebrow and the skin will be lifted upwards towards the side of the brows to make those drooping eyebrows look alive.

·      Mid-Face Lift

The mid face lift, as the name suggests, targets the middle region if the patient’s face. This region includes the area between the cheeks. This procedure is definitely less invasive as compared to a full face lift. Small incisions are made along the hairline and inside the mouth. This surgery usually repositions the fatty tissue in the mid-face region. The fatty layers over the cheekbones are also lifted, which allows the cheeks to look rounder. That being said, the mid-face lift is said to make a women look manlier due to the resulting flatness near the nose region.

Face lift in Miami at Spectrum HRT :

Once the doctor examines your face and decides on a treatment method, you will be administered either twilight or general anesthesia. The first step to a face lift procedure it to mark out the area to be lifted. Usually the incision in made right in front of the ear all the way to the hairline. This incision may also be extended backwards to the back of the head.

Once the skin is peeled off, the surgeon begins to remove deeper tissues so as to be able to lighten the load placed on the skin. The removal of the deeper tissue also depends on age and general health of the patient, as there may be more excess tissue present in some patients. After the tissue is removed, the skin is placed back over the face. Of course, due to the decrease in the volume of tissue beneath the skin, it may be necessary to remove some of the skin altogether. The doctor will use his or her judgment to decide how much skin needs to be removed. The rest of the skin is tightly sutured back, to bring back the youthfulness and fullness of the skin.

Sometimes a face lift may need to be complimented with liposuction and muscle tightening in the neck and jaws. This may be necessary if too much tissue is extracted from under the skin, hence finding a need to balance out the rest of the face. Of course, you must discuss any additional surgery with your surgeon beforehand to avoid any unwanted surprises.