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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Miami, Florida

Erectile Dysfunction

The subject of sexual performance can be a sensitive subject for a lot of men, especially when it comes to sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. For most it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a sense that you are alone, but you are not alone. In the U.S. alone, millions of men have reported trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. For many people this isn’t a major problem, but for others it can cause friction in their romantic relationships and with their own self esteem. You don’t need to live with these feelings on your own, if you consistently struggle achieving or maintaining an erection, call us and set up a consultation with one of our in-house specialist and we will do our best to get you to a place where you are functioning normally once again.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction through Hormone Replacement Therapy

For many men, erectile dysfunction is brought on by an underlying health problem. In many cases, once solved, the symptom of erectile dysfunction is relieved and clients can return their regular lives. However, in other cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused by irregular hormones, or a hormone deficiency in the body that is causing a decline in your body’s production of testosterone, a hormone that regulates male’s sexual performance as well as numerous health functions. It is when our patients are suffering from this problem that Hormone Replacement Therapy becomes a powerful treatment option. The process of Hormone Replacement Therapy will begin with a few tests that help us understand the level of hormones in your body currently. These tests include various blood panels that help us understand how much testosterone is currently in your body, as well as how much your body is producing on a regular basis. If your physician finds that these levels are abnormally low, then we can begin creating an effective personal treatment plan.

There are multiple methods of administering Hormone Replacement Therapy. Hormones can be taken by men through weekly injections or through tablets that can be taken orally on a regular schedule. Best of all, research has shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy has little to no unwanted side effects. This means our patients can enjoy all the benefits that come with HRT without experiencing drawbacks regularly associated with erectile dysfunction medications.

Thousands of people are prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy, and their health problems are resolved quicker than most comparable treatment plans. In addition patients who are prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy also experience as a rise in energy as well as a reduced risk of numerous health problems associated with regular aging. It’s as if our patients have taken back decades of life, feeling more youthful and full of energy than ever before.

Why Erectile Dysfunction through Hormone Replacement Therapy  in Miami at SpectrumHRT?

We have treated numerous patients suffering from erectile dysfunction in our advanced facility located in Miami, Florida. We work hard to create individualized treatment plans for each of our patients, through specialized testing and the research of our on-site specialist. We want you to take back your own life by regaining your self-confidence. We are devoted to ensuring that you not only receive the treatment you need, but that you are educated on the treatment methods we are using to treat your condition. We want you to receive the personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment you deserve, that is the SpectrumHRT guarantee.