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Dysport in Miami – About Dysport Injection, Cost & Benefits


Signs of aging have a way of catching up on us as human beings at some point. It will eventually change the skin layer with the appearance of facial lines around the eyes and lip area. As for external weaknesses, skin is generally known as a fragile part. As soon one grows older, the skin layers will start to weaken. Many individuals will get age spots together with saggy skin. There are several methods that can remedy this aging situation without having the need for surgery. Nowadays, it is possible to soften the physical appearance of fine lines and aging signs with non-surgical facial injections.

 What Causes Facial lines?

As one age, skin layer loses its firmness. It is natural process must go through in life. One will also begin to shed fat deposits under the skin. Normally, these body fat residues make the skin look plump and fleshy, since they diminish, the skin will become loose and saggy. It is beyond ones power to control these two things, but other reasons like contact with ultraviolet light and tobacco smoking you can prevent. You can attempt to prevent wrinkles, but as soon as they surface, they are difficult to reverse. There are lots of skin-based remedies that claim to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and there are also other fast techniques like injection.

Besides these conventional facial treatment products, many modern injectable have been launched in the market, promising to yield a lot more evident and longer-lasting results. For instance Dysport Injectable which is a powerful long lasting means to fix aging problems.

What Exactly Is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescribed injection for short-term enhancement in the appearance of modest to extreme facial lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in people usually below 65 years of age.

Dysport is an injectable skin remedy formulated with active compound like botulinum toxin Type A, it is injected straight into the exact wrinkle-causing muscles. This calms the muscles and triggers the lines and wrinkles to diminish in order for the skin to appear a lot radiant and finer.

Dysport is FDA approved and it is turning into a basic remedy for wrinkles. Rejuvenate your look with Dysport if you are thinking about a full face-lift, you might want to consider injection options for an instantaneous, yet inexpensive transformation.

The Benefits of Dysport at SpectrumHRT, Miami

Dysport has amazing benefits, both as a remedy on its own and in comparison to other forms of anti-aging treatments. These Benefits are:

  • No downtime – You can still carry out all normal activities immediately after treatment
  • results are evident in a matter of days after the treatment
  • better worn-out and unhappy look
  • lower side effects risk – Many people experience no side effects after the procedure
  • Low time commitment – Only a short scheduled appointment in a year
  • Low cost – Dysport treatment has is inexpensive when compared to other skincare remedies
  • Highly effective – Dysport is widely sought after simply because it is effective in treating varying wrinkles

Many individuals consider Dysport treatment as beneficial compare to other methods as it outweigh the costs, however it is a choice left for individuals to make.

SPECTRUM HRT features highly skilled physician that are experienced and knowledgeable in administering Dysport for rejuvenating your looks. Having injected over 1500 people safely with Dysport for the past 5 years, we can say that this treatment last longer than Botox or any other treatment. We have treated patients who have attempted many options but prefer Dysport and pleased with the results.

Contact us and let us setup a free consultation. With SPECTRUM HRT nothing is unachievable when it comes to making you look younger.