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Concierge Service in Miami

To honor and serve those individuals who not only value their health, but also respect the dedicated professional oversight and effort required to preserve it, we have established our concierge program. Health optimization demands a solid, patient-physician partnership. Our expert physicians have pledged to invest as much time as needed to review and better understand your health history, what your health goals are, and what is required to get you there. Client counseling, leading edge diagnostic test evaluations, and other medical analysis, is inherently part of our Client Monogrammed Health-Centered Care ® (CMHC)—a method of tailoring your health treatment plan in a manner that does not follow a one-size-fits-all, predictable pattern.

Clients have grown tired and weary of the revolving door approach to medical attention. This typically features long wait time, and once you are face-to-face with your healthcare practitioner, little time allowed to ask the questions you want; and for the physician to have the time they need to address your inquiries, and educate you about details critical to your comprehension. At a time in history when Family Medicine Practice physicians are in greater demand and shorter supply—resulting in prolonged periods of time between the actual appointment date, and limited time allotted once the appointment is experienced, concierge medicine has grown as clients are choosing to be self-empowered. They recognize that in the end, not totally relying on insurance companies along with financial creativity, yields better health without unrealistic expectations. Since concierge medicine is not a health insurance entity, more flexibility can be achieved on both the physician and client‖s behalf.

For services which insurance companies customarily cover, you will be informed how to go about selecting an avenue to secure that aspect of your financial management experience. If you feel it is time for you to personally participate in unhurried healthcare, and undergo the time, attention, and respect you deserve—reclaiming healthcare control between you and your physician, our CMHC ® system of Lifestyle Management, Systems Biology, and Integrative Health Therapy synergy is your answer. See our online brochure for more information.