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Spectrum HRT Plastic Surgery

Breast Reduction in Miami at Spectrum HRT :

While having large breasts can be physically appealing, the woman carrying this weight is well aware of her disproportionality. Think about going into a store and trying to buy clothes that fit your breast instead of the rest of your body. Such small issues can become disconcerting over time. One may compare this issue to the same reason that women wish to get breast implants. To get a natural looking and healthy implant, plastic surgeons at Spectrum HRT, Miami advise our patients to aim for a cup size that matches their body type instead of directly lunging for the biggest possible breast size. In a similar light, breast reduction in Miami at Spectrum HRT  may contribute to a women’s psychological well being as she begins to feel more “natural” and “healthy” looking.

Boost Your Self Esteem with Breast Reduction in Miami at Spectrum HRT:

Getting breast reduction surgery can be psychologically relieving for patients as they gain their individuality outside of their physical appearance and feel as though they are taken more seriously in society.

This concept holds equally true in case of Male Breast Reduction Surgery for men, who may have saggy chests that make them look like feminine breasts. These men find it hard to roam around topless or go out for a swim, as they are always conscious of standing out or being laughed at. For these men, breast reduction surgery is a way to get back into society with self-confidence and dignity.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Miami for Overweight Female :

Not all large breasts are perfectly teardrop shaped. In fact, many a times women’s breasts begin to sag as they put on weight. In the event that they are unable to lose that weight, due to medical reasons or otherwise, breast reduction allows them to resize their breasts to look perky and upright.

Breast Reduction Surgery in case of Back Pain :

This is the most common medical reason for getting breast reduction surgery. Having breasts that are of a larger proportion to the body puts a strain on a woman’s back, causing pain while bending or sitting up straight. It may seem like a petty issue, but back pains due to large breasts can be even more discomforting due to their consistency. Getting a reduction surgery allows women to not only rid themselves of such pains, but also avoid any deformities in the bone structure later in life. Such a deformity may be caused due to the regular bending of the back that may eventually cause the back to naturally slump. These pains may not be contained to the back, and may be present in the neck and shoulder region as well.

After Your Breast Reduction Surgery at Spectrum HRT, Miami

After breast reduction surgery in Miami at Spectrum HRT, you’ll be wrapped in bandage or a surgical bra.

After Breast Reduction Surgery you may feel some pain for the first couple of. Our Plastic Surgeon At Spectrum HRT, Miami will prescribe you some medication to lessen the pain.

Please remember to maintain a communication with our office or our plastic surgeon in Miami even after the breast surgery. If you have questions or concerns during your recovery, or need any additional information regarding complications, you should contact our plastic surgeon at Spectrum HRT, Miami.

Getting Back to Normal Life After Breast Reduction at Spectrum HRT, Miami :

Although you may be up and about in a day or two after your breast reduction surgery, your breasts may still ache occasionally for a couple of days. You should avoid lifting or pushing anything heavy for few weeks.