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Spectrum HRT Plastic Surgery

Botox Injections in Miami, Florida

Thinking of rejuvenating your look? There are lots of different remedies to cosmetic surgical treatment, which provide a non-surgical transformation, abate facial lines and also make you look years younger. Over the past few years, Botox happens to be a well known treatment method. There exists a good record of safe, potent application of Botox to tackle muscular issues, and today it is utilized in getting rid of lines and wrinkles on the face due to daily muscle contraction of the natural facial expressions or gestures.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) help prevent muscles from contracting. Once injected into the face, it calms the muscles and therefore gets rid of facial fine-lines and wrinkles triggered by muscle contraction. It is a short-term anti ageing remedy, lasting for some months. The impact of Botox will make you look years younger, and as well enhance your self-confidence.

Which area of the Face is treatable with Botox?

Lines on the face triggered by muscle contraction are treatable by Botox. Forehead lines, frown lines at the bridge of the nose, eye wrinkles and crow’s feet (laughing lines) can all be remedied with Botox. 

What exactly is BOTOX?

Botox is a sterile lyophilized form of botulinum toxin type A. It is derived from the line of the Hall strain of C botulinum and refined by some acid precipitations to a crystalline complex formulated with the toxin along with other proteins. Botox continues to be useful in several therapeutic treatments, but it is popular for its application in wrinkle removal treatments for men and women. BOTOX was endorsed by FDA in December 1989 for treatment of hemi-facial spasms, strabismus and blepharospasm.


With aging, stress, and time, most people begin to witness forehead wrinkles, worry lines, a pinched eyebrow and crow’s feet whenever they look themselves in the mirror. In case you found facial lines, creases, an aging appearance, or even a continuous presence of worry or fatigue on the face, BOTOX may perhaps be a wise idea for dealing with these problems. It is a safe and effective method of rejuvenating your look and balance.

Benefits of Botox Treatment at Spectrum HRT, Miami

  • Reduces Wrinkles

Botox is a non-permanent aesthetic treatment that reduces wrinkles and also costs much compare to cosmetic surgeries.

  • Eye brow lift

Botox helps to lift the eye brows as they are prone to sag as one age; injections between the eye brows and on the corners of the eyebrows will help raise them and give the physical appearance of a more youthful skin.

  • Treatment of migraines

Botox can help with treating migraines, people who have actually suffered from a migraine know the pain that is associated with it and Botox can be a remedy to migraine patients.

  • Reduces sweating

Profuse sweating can be sometimes be awkward and if over sweating affects a person’s daily living; Botox can be of great benefit.

  • Reduces Urination

As people grow older, recurrent urination tends to be a problem and can make life problematic. Botox can be utilized to reduce repeated urination along with additional benefits stated earlier.

Your skin should get the best attention from our highly skilled physicians knowledgeable in administering effective remedy for rejuvenating your looks. SPECTRUM HRT, Have safely treated countless number of patients safely using Botox treatment for some years now.

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