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Spectrum HRT Plastic Surgery

Body Lift in Miami, Florida :

The escalating popularity of swift and instant weight loss and dieting routines has resulted in an increasing demand of body lift techniques to get rid of the sagging, droopy skin that can be spiteful souvenirs of substantial weight loss. For those in Miami looking for a more youthful, smoother appearance and a more appealingly attractive body after significant weight loss, a body lift surgery in Miami at Spectrum HRT may be the ideal remedy.

A body lift surgery enhances the tone and shape of the underlying tissues that support our skin. Excess flaccid fat and skin is eliminated to give the body a more toned façade. This surgery can also adjust an irregular skin surface. Thighs, buttocks that may be unevenly shaped, abdominal area, groin which may slump into inner thigh are the parts included in a body lift surgery. An inclusive body lift surgery at Spectrum HRT, Miami includes tightening of thighs, hips, arms, breasts, buttocks and back. Although a person can decide to have the surgery performed on specific areas of the body.

A body lift surgery is not envisioned for removal of undesired fat. It is recommended in cases where skin elasticity is feeble.

How you prepare for Body Lift Surgery :

Preceding the body lift surgery, it is extremely necessary to get medical evaluation done; avoiding taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs and steering clear of smoking and alcohol. The surgery is a 4 to 8 hours long process during which the person is placed in general anesthesia. Customarily, there are three stages to the operation. In the first two stages, the surgeon removes excess fat from arms, thighs and buttocks. In the final stage, atummy tuck surgery is performed. The particulars of all three stages are nearly the same where the surgeon makes incisions to remove excess fat and skin.

What you can expect

Subsequent to your body lift surgery, you will be given specific instructions by your cosmetic surgeon regarding medications and other details to be taken care of to ensure complete recovery. If you come across any sort of complications such as chest pains, unusual heart beats, shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately as you may be in need of hospitalization and additional treatment.

Cost of Body Lift Surgery in Miami at Spectrum HRT :

The prices for body lifts surgery at Spectrum HRT, Miami vary widely. The costs usually include the surgeon’s fee, surgical facility costs, prescriptions for medications and medical tests fees.


Like any other complex surgical operation, a body lift surgery also comes with its own risks and complications. It is critically necessary to be aware of both the benefits and risks of a body lift surgery. You should consult with your surgeon regarding the risks and then carefully weight your options and decide if you want to go forward with the surgery or not. The most frequent complications of a body lift surgery include declined sensation on areas of operation, minor separations of the skin and formation of seromas that can arise under the skin. Some other potentially severe risks include nerve damage, blood clotting, infection, aberrant bleeding and haematoma.

Result of Body Lift Surgery :

The outcome of a body lift surgery is visible almost immediately. The effects are long-lasting and relatively permanent. If you crave for a more youthful-looking body contour, then a body lift surgery may help you achieve your longing.