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Bio Identical Hormone Therapy in Miami, Florida (BHRT)

Bio-identical hormone therapy, also known as BHRT for short, is the use of hormones that are identical on a molecular level to the endogenous hormones in the body. The body can recognize these hormones and utilize them in a way that it cannot synthetic versions.

This provides a more natural alternative to other hormones that may be prescribed. BHRT works with the body to balance and restore normal levels, providing vibrant health into the later years.

Benefits of Bio Identical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women

Low energy, low sex drive, emotional strain, dry skin, brittle hair, weight gain and the list goes on and on. All these symptoms and more could be a result of imbalanced hormones.

Hormonal balance is massively important for the health and well being of both men and women.

If experiencing symptoms, what is one to do?

In comes bio-identical hormone therapy.

BHRT or Bio Identical Hormone Therapy in Miami at Spectrum HRT

Bio-identical hormone therapy works with the body to return your health and happiness. Special blends of amino acids like sermorelin, along with hormone replacements of testosterone can work to restore balance, restore skin, and provide weight loss at last.

While women are typically treated more often, men can experience large improvements, as well. Testosterone optimization can improve cardiovascular health, strength, body fat to muscle composition, improve blood sugar balance and bone health.

For women, bio-identical hormone therapy often brings massive benefits in mood. Reducing anxiety, depression, and mood swings while helping patients return to a healthy weight.

Sleep improvements can also be seen through BHRT in both men and women.

Putting it All Together

Fitness, nutrition, and natural hormone therapy all work together with your body to bring back lost vitality. Testosterone and sermorelin, along with a healthy diet and exercise can give you needed energy and balance for weightloss.

If you are struggling with symptoms from hormonal imbalance, you don’t have to. Consider bio-identical hormone therapy for your health!

Getting Started 

1. Initial Consultation – Our first step is to listen to your concerns, questions, and symptoms because your health improvement goals are our priority. Call 1-866-306-8139.

2. Hormone Lab Work – Here is where we begin our in-depth work to determine what hormone imbalances are causing your negative symptoms.

3. Medical Evaluation – At this time to you will sit down with the doctor to perform a full physical examination and consultation of your hormone deficiencies and symptoms. Once the assessment and diagnosis is done by the doctor, he will explain your customized treatment plan.

4. Begin your Treatment – Upon receiving approval from our physician you will receive your guide on how to administer your hormone program. And begin the road to improving your health.

DISCLAIMER: No therapy will be provided unless a medical need exists based on laboratory results, doctor consultation, medical examination and current medical history. Agreeing to laboratory testing and doctor examination does not guarantee a result of medical necessity and a medical treatment. NO opinion on the Spectrum HRT website is intended to be medical advise. Please speak with a medical professional before starting any medical program.