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Intravenous Therapy – IV Nutrition & IV Chelation, Miami FL

IV Nutrition

Intravenous therapy is a medically administered treatment used to improve metabolic function and blood flow in the body. Dispensed intravenously, this treatment method binds to, and then helps the body remove toxic metals lowering the toxic burden on the body. By increasing blood flow, IV therapy lowers the ongoing free radical damage caused by an amassment of poisonous metals. Administered by way of IV, some arterial elasticity can be restored and the unloading of poisonous metals improves enzyme production and function. Enzyme production restoration enhances nutrient and oxygen distribution.

IV Nutrition and IV Chelation, Miami

Eating well does not always guarantee your body is effectively absorbing vitamins and nutrients needed to stay healthy, improve upon an existing pathological condition, and fight the aging process. Intravenous systematic applications augment antioxidant vitamin and mineral levels in your body far more productively than the oral ingestion of supplements in pill form. Each IV nutrient combination is formulated specifically for you, and designed to help your body prevent accelerated aging, repair damage, and empower your body to repossess its youthful physical and mental strength, energy and force.

Intravenous nutritional care techniques deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream, correcting intracellular nutrient deficiencies. Orally ingesting equally high doses is ineffective due to absorption limitations in the digestive process, particularly after surgery. With IV nutritional treatment, client‖s can receive ten times the nutrients in one therapy session compared to what their body can effectively utilize in one day. A series of treatments, which varies depending upon your needs, are required. Nutritional supplementation is often needed to replace essential nutrients, minimized to some extent, in the chelation process, such as iron and zinc.

SpectrumHRT, Miami is committed to making your experience of IV therapy in Miami (IV Nutrition and IV Chelation)  as comfortable as possible. With each treatment, which varies in length of time, clients are seated in comfortable chairs which allows them to sit upright or recline; in a clean, environmentally easeful atmosphere, free to watch television, listen to soothing music, read, drink healthy beverages, and take a walk to the restroom if needed.

It is critical that this treatment method be administered by a trained physician or highly trained healthcare practitioner.

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