Hormone Therapy for Men in Miami, Florida:

Often confused with male midlife psychological disorders, Andropause is a very common version of female menopause in men. This results from a steady decline in serum Testosterone levels and other hormones starting as early as age thirty and it describes emotional and physical changes that men experience. We particularly recommend Hormone Therapy for Men when you begin to feel the symptoms of low testosterone levels in your body. Our physicians will test your testosterone levels, but you can also look out for the following symptoms which can indicate low testosterone levels:

* Weight Gain * Sluggish Libido * Erectile Challenges * Fatigue & Sleep Disturbances * Muscle Loss * Poor Concentration * Memory Fluctuations * Decreased Bone Density * Prostate Enlargement * Depression * Stress & Irritability * Low Sperm Count * Hot Flashes * Reduced Body Hair * Unsatisfactory Circulation * Heart Disease

Hormone therapy for men is life changing program. Our hormones are the strongest messengers in our body and bringing them back to youthful levels can restore health and reverse debilitating diseases. Such treatments can include testosterone replacement therapy which can help eliminates the above symptoms and more. Once Hormone therapy for men is administered, you will start to see your symptoms slip away and the new you start to emerge.

Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones (Testosterone Therapy / HGH Therapy):

  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Reduced body fat
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Stop muscle loss and bone loss 
  • Increase energy and strength 
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Improve sleep and cognitive function
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Reduce stress levels

What is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone therapy is the method by which physicians replace declined hormone levels, so the patient actually feels, looks and performs with better health. As we age our hormones decline dramatically and the low levels of these hormones makes us feel and look older. Bio-identical hormone therapy refers to hormones administered which are an exact match to those naturally produces by our bodies.

How to determine low hormone levels?

If you feel that you are experiencing some of the symptoms we have mentioned, the next step is to speak with one of our physicians to evaluate your symptoms, schedule laboratory testing to determine which hormones are deficient and establish a treatment plan to defeat your symptoms.You may reach us at 1-866-306-8139.

How is Bio-identical hormone therapy administered?

Our physicians work with each patient to determine which form of administration they are most comfortable with. Some patients do not feel comfortable with injectable therapies and the physician can accommodate their concerns. Most bio-identical hormone treatments can be compounded in injectable form, topical (cream), oral (capsules or tablets), patches, and pellets.

Physicians Specialize in: 

Testosterone Deficiency Therapy Human Growth Hormone Deficiency Therapy Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (Testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, Bi-Estrogen, Melatonin, Prolactin) Sermorelin Therapy Thyroid Imbalance Therapy Weight Loss Nutritional Therapy

Getting Started

1. Initial Consultation – Our first step is to listen to your concerns, questions, and symptoms because your health improvement goals are our priority. Call 1-866-306-8139.

2. Hormone Lab Work – Here is where we begin our in-depth work to determine what hormone imbalances are causing your negative symptoms.

3. Medical Evaluation – At this time to you will sit down with the doctor to perform a full physical examination and consultation of your hormone deficiencies and symptoms. Once the assessment and diagnosis is done by the doctor, he will explain your customized treatment plan.

4. Begin your Treatment – Upon receiving approval from our physician you will receive your guide on how to administer your hormone program. And begin the road to improving your health.

Hormone Questions

Why should a man seek or inquire about testosterone replacement?

Testosterone levels in men decline steadily with age. Testosterone is the hormone which helps maintain a man‟s mental focus, energy level, metabolic activity; muscle mass and bone strength.

What are the side effects associated with bio-identical hormones?

Because bio-identical hormones are just like the ones made in your body, there are relatively few side effects. Side effects occur mainly when the hormone dosage is too high for the individual or because of unaddressed imbalances. Spectrum Services monitors and reevaluates each patient consistently to make certain dosages are balanced.

Is it safe?

Yes. There have been numerous studies recently published that confirm the safety of bio-identical hormone replacement. Remember, all of SpectrumHRT programs are supervised and medically monitored to ensure your dosage is safe. Only pharmaceutical grade hormones are used in our preparations.

When should I think about replacing hormones?

On average, men and women begin experiencing a decline in hormone levels by their mid to late twenties. By age 30, symptoms associated with decline are noticeable enough. The best time to consider replacing hormones is between age 30 and 35. However, it is never too late. We have men in their 80s who are enjoying a new life as a result of our therapies.

When can I expect to see results after I begin my bio-identical hormone treatment?

While it varies from person to person, and depends on which hormone therapy program is being used, you can expect, on average, to see results within three to six months.

Why do I need a blood analysis test to qualify for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to restore hormones to their optimum youthful levels. You need a blood test to determine your hormone profile; to determine if you qualify for BHRT; and to calculate your required replacement dosages. Since most hormones used in BHRT are dispensed by prescription only, you cannot obtain them without a physician‟s approval.

DISCLAIMER: No therapy will be provided unless a medical need exists based on laboratory results, doctor consultation, medical examination and current medical history. Agreeing to laboratory testing and doctor examination does not guarantee a result of medical necessity and a medical treatment. NO opinion on the Spectrum HRT website is intended to be medical advise. Please speak with a medical professional before starting any medical program.